• wifi audio video recording transmission, covert wifi audio video store and forward, wifi audio video surveillance


  • The GEM-CELL A/V is a combination between our audio recorder store and forward or live via cellular 3G networks and the new video camera device, connectable to the GEM-CELL A/V through USB port. The concept of the GEM AUDIO/VIDEO is basically the possibility of storing audio and video files on micro-SD card (up to 128GB) and them forward, ultra-fast download, through protected cellular 3G connection from anywhere in the world.

    "Small size A/V recorder together with scheduled download via Cellular 3G networks gives a consistent tactical advantage"

    DESIGNED FOR COVERT USE The GEM-CELL A/V is a small device integrating a small powerful audio-video recorder with an integrated cellular modem for remote download and LIVE audio and video streaming over mobile network. The GEM-CELL allows an unlimited operational range from anywhere in the world. It can be set up to record with multiple advanced timers or by voice activation mode.

    PROFESSIONAL QUALITY combination of industry leading high sensitivity Knowles type microphones with high sampling rates of up-to 22kHz/16kHz/8kHz-bit delivers perfect sound and high speech intelligibility.

    HIGH AUTONOMY AND CAPACITY All audio and video records are stored to microSD memory (up-to 128GB) and can be downloaded at any time, or access to "Live". The improved power consumption design allows up to 120 hours of continuous Audio recording (depending on configuration) on its internal battery. GEM-CELL A/V can also be powered externally via USB connector. Full recharge of the battery takes only 2 hours.

    ULTRA FAST DOWNLOAD SPEED Downloading in the latest mobile networks is very fast and takes approx. 15-30 minutes for every 24 hours stored audio record. The audio and video can also be transmitted “Live”.

    DEDICATED FOR CONCEALED OPERATION All records are exported or reviewed securely via the included software. The cellular modem can be scheduled to operate only at a specific period, which makes the device undetectable by any RF scanners detecting 3G/GSM devices.

    SECURITY The audio and video data transfer is encrypted, each record has a precision timeline and can only be reviewed using the supplied software, and the records may also be password protected. If the recorder is intercepted then the micro SD card is unusable.


    • Represents a new concept in quality audio data store and forward recording and timed transmission/upload.
    • Extremely stable and robust system.
    • Ease of use, ability to access.
    • Exceptionally long duration standby mode.
    • Concealed and encrypted channel allows for ideal covert use, but using standard 3G Data upload to achieve
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  • This information is available for authorised viewes only. Please, login or request authorisation to get access.

  • This information is available for authorised viewes only. Please, login or request authorisation to get access.

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