Professional Audio Forensic Analysis

Many real life audio environments can be heavily noise corrupted or be influenced by interference. The audio samples may be recorded on any format analogue or digital and can come from various sources such as telephone channels, audio transmission, voice recorders, including audio embedded in video tapes such as police interviews.

Audio Expert Analysis What is it?

Audio expert analysis is an audio forensics service in which audio forensic experts perform specialist technical tests and procedures to:

  • Significantly improve the quality and clarity of voice and speech in the audio of a recording.
  • Identify the speaker using the unique biometric vocal elements of the speaker’s voice.
  • Authenticate the recording and analyse for attempted tampering.

Types of Audio Expert Services Available

  • SPEECH CLARITY & NOISE FILTERING - Advanced audio signal processing including noise filtering and suppression for speech clarity enhancement.
  • SPEAKER ID - Voice biometric speaker identification or verification.
  • EXPERT ANALYSIS - Analysis of the audio recordings.
  • LEGAL SERVICE - Edited compilations of audio for legal or court purposes.
  • EXPERT OPINION - Documented expert opinion on the content of the recordings.
  • AUTHENTICATION - Authentication of the recording for tampering/editing or verification of recorded media.
  • TRANSCRIPTION - Transcription of the final processed audio.
  • Bespoke services which may not be included in the above such as salvaging damaged recordings, stabilization and speed correction.

How is the Audio Analysis done?

  • A team of highly experienced audio forensic experts each with international experience of dealing with audio forensic recordings, particularly for government and law enforcement agencies.
  • This expertise is combined with use of the most modern audio analysis software and hardware research tools available.
  • The processed audio can be transcripted as part of this service, providing a full text output in addition to the processed audio.

How to avail of these Audio Expert Analysis Services

*Please note this service is available to Government, Forensic Departments, Law Enforcement and the Legal Profession and their agents or contractors, we are unable to provide this service to the general public. A sample audio file may be needed to produce an accurate quotation.

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