• MOST ADVANCED TACTICAL RF SIGNAL ANALYSIS UNIT The DIGITAL FAR Fast Acquisition Receiver Recognition and Classification System provides the most comprehensive wireless signals and spectrum analysis platform to acquire, process and analyses any RF signal and was designed as the most advance solution for stand-alone, remote for temporary or permanent in-facility or area wide 24/7 spectrum monitoring applications.


    Conventional TSCM SIGINT RF tools do not allow for identification and classification of where the vast majority of modern DIGITAL threats reside such as inside, Wi-Fi, GSM, DECT, Bluetooth, Tetra, Apco25, (now just added Zigbee, Wireless HART, MiWi ISA100.11a), all which are all within the 6 GHz range, we have an optional near-field to 25 GHz for the higher powered traditional threats, plus we have integrated in-depth Wi-Fi Analysis (which is also available also as stand-alone unit). The use of Digital FAR and its unique characteristics/technical specifications, has been designed with a focus on low power digital systems identification and not on broad wide-band transmission as most covert devices in use today are hiding in plain sight mixed in alongside conventional industry standard transmissions.


    The most advanced TSCM, spectrum monitoring and SIGINT software application, DIGITAL FAR delivers unmatched comprehensive and highly sophisticated RF detection and analysis functionality including an extensive RF analysis toolkit, digital signal classification analysis and recognition system (SCARS), audio / video demodulation, 2D & next generation 3D waterfall displays, constellation display with real-time IQ and vector analysis, unlimited recording and storage of entire sweeps with variable speed playback and powerful post processing analysis capability, storage with playback, record and store entire sweeps from beginning to end at better than 9 kHz resolution. Options with GPS and digital map support, 24x7 spectrum monitoring and much more, all combined in a unit with military specification computing and casing platforms and unmatched connectivity with the ability to clip and send data and replay anywhere.

    DETECT - ANALYSE - RESPOND The DIGITAL FAR System is the only solution that offers all three. Here are some of its advanced capabilities.

    • Powerful industry leading TSCM spectrum monitoring and signal analysis application.· Advanced RF mapping.
    • Multiple trace comparison.
    • Multiple receiver hand-off.
    • 2D & Next Generation 3D Waterfall displays.
    • SCARS Digital Classification Analysis Recognition System.
    • DTest Digital Signal Testing with Bluetooth Analysis.
    • Unlimited recording, storage with playback, record and store entire sweeps from beginning to end at better than 9kHz resolution.
    • Constellation display using Real-time IQ and vector analysis.· Audio / video demodulation.
    • Comprehensive and highly sophisticated RF detection and analysis functionality.
    • Advanced triggering, alarm and capture capability.
    • Multiple marker / cursor measurements.
    • Demodulation and analysis classification of DECT, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, Tetra, APCO 25, DMR, DRM, AM, FM.
    • Digital mapping support. High performance GUI.
    • Automatic audio recording. 24x7 spectrum monitoring.
    • Integrated Databases and displays screens exported directly to MS Word and Excel formats, text and graphic files.
  • Hardware

    Search and capture of signals of interest. Unrivalled Full recording capability of Streaming Digital IQ
    Streaming Digital I/Q: 250kHz to 27MHz selectable IF bandwidth
    Scan rate: Up to 26 GHz/s
    Frequency bandwidth: 9 kHz to 6 GHz (incl. Digital Signals),
    broadband near-field option to 25 GHz.
    Resolution (RBW) 10 Hz to 10 MHz
    Data Transfer Via latest USB 3.0. 140MB/Sec

    Platform: 1TB , 1 x Bluetooth Adaptor, 2 X Ethernet, 1 x HDMI, 2 x Ext USB, 1 x RS232, full power isolation
    Screen: 15" Screen
    Standards: Fully customised shock resistant casing,
    waterproof and dustproof IP67 casing,
    handling ATA 300-1, Vibration, rainfall
    ASTM D-4169 DC-18, MIL-STD-810F
    CE Conformity & RF Compliant under EC Reg 5(6/a of SI-240 of 2001), SI197 of 2005, SI 292 of 2005.
    Dimensions: L457 x W330 x H175 Total System Weight 12kg
  • Comprising

    • Hard cased enclosure with all internally mounted connections, convenient power and antenna connections.
    • 2 x Antenna 20MHz to 2500MHz , 698MHZ to 6000MHz.
    • Fully pre-configured 15”, 1TB SSD based running RI Software.
    • Receiver fitted in hard case enclosure with pre-configured connections.
    • Battery pack providing typically more than 2 hours continuous operation time.
    • Instruction Manual Electronic.
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